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I'm Here!

Finally! I get to go out on my own and do what I want to do! I turned 18 yesterday and waved goodbye to my mother and sister as I left for the barracks in Windurst. I'm excited to see what Vana'diel holds for me. New sights, new sounds, new cookies. Oh, and plenty of fish! :3 It's my first day and I've already made a few friends! I had heard through some of the folks around home of a group of adventurers who called themselves TheHyozanLegacy. I was intrigued by the stories I heard about them and contacted the leader of the group. He was very nice, and his fiance was super sweet too. They sent someone out to hand me a pearl. I put it on and was greated with cheers! Everyone is so nice and they are very helpful. They talked to me about jobs and ways to make gil.

I decided I wanted to try out a few of the jobs that are offered to adventurers. I chose Thief as my first job, and wandered out to East Sarutabaruta to tackle some mobs that were roaming around. I got to level 10 quickly, and decided I would try another job out. I'm not too sure what I want to do, so I figure if I level a few jobs to 10 or 15, I can decide where to go from there. This time, I put on my cesti and wandered back out to Sarutabaruta as a Monk. I must say, I enjoy punching things! It's a great stress reliever. I started to get tired, so I wandered back into Windurst and talked to some of the gate guards. They informed me that they had some missions for me! I was excited. I finally got to do something to help out Windurst. It was a simple task, and once I completed it it was starting to get dark outside. I collected the items I had found throughout the day and walked back to my Mog House. It's empty still (aside from the bed and table provided), but I am very low on gil as Windurst hadn't given us our first paychecks yet. Tomorrow I am going to try to sell some of the items I found to make a little gil. I have a fishing rod and a few pieces of bait left from home, so I might spend a little time fishing as well. A lot has happened and it's only been the first day! I can't wait for what tomorrow brings. For now, I think it is time to collapse in bed. Every Mithra needs her cat nap! :3
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